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Attempting to keep employees focused and comfortable is one of the highest priorities for most business owners. An extremely uncomfortable working environment where temperatures are too cold or warm can take the focus away from important work due to their discomfort. Enhance your employees’ attention on work by installing a highly efficient HVAC system. For expert installations from an area leader, contact Wise Heating & Cooling Inc. We have over 40 years of experience designing, installing, repairing and maintaining HVAC systems.  Put our expertise and experience to work for you.

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We have all had the unpleasant experience of walking into a business whose air conditioning system or heating system was not working well. For most of us it makes a bad impression and reduces the likelihood of us returning to that establishment. Business owners in the North know how important it is to have a nice cool climate in their buildings to provide relief to their customers on our warm days. You also know you need to keep your customers warm when the temperatures plummet.

Whether you are a small retail establishment, office complex, large industrial warehouse, hotel, state/county building, factory, restaurant or any other kind of business Wise Heating & Cooling Inc. can provide for every aspect of your light commercial heating and cooling needs. We do understand that HVAC issues can halt the productivity of your business. That is why we offer personalized service, highly trained and knowledgeable commercial HVAC technicians and the ability to serve your commercial heating and cooling needs quickly and efficiently so that your business can continue as usual.

The light commercial HVAC services we offer in Northern Michigan include replacement of rooftop units, installation of commercial heat pumps and AC systems, design builds, new construction builds, split system heat pumps, conversions and retrofits, systems and ductwork, clean rooms and special ducting systems, office fit-outs, hydro-air systems, rooftop services, air cleaners, hot water heaters, emergency repair services, system optimization, technology enhancements, commercial maintenance plans, buildingtune-ups controls, parts, wi fi, blue tooth.

Replacing your aging and failing commercial equipment can be a costly investment. Do you find yourself wavering between the “Wait till it breaks” approach or a “Planned budgeted replacement”? The “Wait till it breaks” approach creates unscheduled events, lost business opportunities, and unsatisfied customers and employees. With a “Planned budgeted replacement”, you can stay ahead of the problems with lasting, quality equipment, while staying routinely scheduled maintenance of rooftop units and any other equipment is the key to their longevity, performance and ability to deliver proper indoor air quality.

Unfortunately, rooftop units and most equipment is often out-of-sight, out of mind and completely neglected to a point that the unit is not providing adequate heating and cooling. It is very important that you schedule preventative maintenance to maximize the lifespan of your units. Preventative maintenance from Wise Heating & Cooling Inc. means peace of mind —- assured! We know that unnecessary equipment repairs can make a mess of the best business plans.

Our preventative maintenance program can minimize surprises, lower your company’s energy costs and extend the life of your equipment. Prevent problems before they occur. Wise Heating & Cooling Inc. is considered by many facilities, managers and small business owners to be the most dependable HVAC contractor for Northern Michigan. Our daily operations are focused on superior customer service, well-trained employees and high ethical values.

We are the experienced, full-servicecontractor that will set your mind at ease – 24 hours a day – 7 days a week – 365

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