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So you finally decided it is time to replace that old dinosaur of a furnace or maybe it just quit and now what?  It’s not like the old days where you had one choice for a furnace. The sales person came out and gave you one quote for one choice.  Not anymore.  Would you buy a cook range with one temperature, off or high temp?  Absolutely not! Then why buy a furnace with only one temp? Today’s options are good, better and best.  Single stage, 2 stage, modulating motors… Confused yet???  Maybe we can explain it so you can make a “Wise” choice.

A single stage furnace offers you the lowest initial cost.  It operates on the basis of all on or all off.  Every time the furnace is running it is on full capacity.  You are using 100% of your energy to heat your home.  If you think of a team of horses to pull a wagon, every time you use it, you are paying for the entire team.

Two stage furnaces will cost a little more up front, however you will have a return on your investment by saving on monthly utility bills.  This furnace operates on the idea that when the outside temperatures are not real cold the furnace doesn’t have to work at full speed.  When temperatures are not as cold, the first speed will work.  When the temperature drops lower then the second speed kicks in.  Back to the team of horses pulling the wagon, on days when the load is light you might only need half the team, on other days when the load is full you need the entire team.  This way you only pay for the half you use.  When your furnace is running on one stage it saves you money on your energy bills.  Saving the second stage for the lower temperature days.

Modulating motor furnaces are two stage furnaces that have a motor that runs on speeds from zero to one hundred percent.  When temperatures are mild, the furnace runs on low speed and adjusts to the higher speed  and up to highest  speed as temperatures fall to freezing.  Back to the team of horses, it allows for the use of one horse up to the entire team.  You have the greatest savings on energy bills.  This is your most efficient furnace.  The variable speed gives you optimum air flow and ultra-home comfort.

Choosing the furnace is only the first step of the heating installation process.  Now you need to talk air quality.  Do you suffer from allergies, nose bleeds or snoring?  Your comfort advisor can share information on products like the UV light air purification system or a humidifier.  These items can be purchased and added on at the time of your heating installation.

The last choice in your heating installation is how do you want to pay for it?  Of course we take the old fashion cash, personal checks and charge cards.  We are happy to offer you financing, we have several options.  From 0% for 12 months, to a fixed rate for several years.

Before your furnace installation, we pull a permit from your local county or municipality.  When the job is complete we have the job inspected to make sure your heating installation is up to code.   This is for your protection.

Most furnace installations can be completed in one day.  Our technicians arrive in the morning ready to get started.  They wear shoe protectors, tarp over areas that could get soiled and clean up their mess when they are finished.   When the furnace installation is complete the technicians will check the system and go over it with you.

The last step in your furnace installation process is: we register your equipment for your warranty. We also offer an annual maintenance program to ensure that you meet the manufacturer’s requirement that protects your warranty coverage. This way you are protected in case you ever have a problem with your equipment.

We want your furnace replacement to be a happy experience!

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June 24, 2015
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