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What is a ductless mini split system?

It is the newest and fastest growing technology to the heating and cooling industry in the United States. It has been successfully used for decades in Europe and Asia. However, if you are like 90% of Americans, you are not real familiar with the ductless systems. They are also referred to as mini split systems or air to air heat pumps.

Why choose a ductless mini split system?

• solves problem of hot and cold spots in rooms

• allows for multi zone temperature control through out the home

• great for enclosed patio, porch or sunrooms

• additions or home remodeling

• finishing off a basement or attic

• heating house without duct work

• replacing a wood stove or wall furnace

• save money on utility bills

How does a ductless mini split system work?

Ductless systems are reversible, two-way air to air heat pumps. Heat pumps work by transferring heat from the outdoor air and pumping it indoors. All temperatures above absolute zero contain some heat. The heat pump uses that heat to warm your home. If the process is reversed it uses refrigerant to take the heat out of your home and transfer it outside. The Ductless system works similar to your refrigerator. Heat is moved from the inside of the refrigerator to your kitchen. You can feel the warm air blowing out the back of your refrigerator. With a ductless system the warm heat is transferred from the outside coil to the inside head. Hence, the term split system or mini split. The inside unit of the mini split is mounted to a wall centrally located, preferably on an outside wall.

Energy efficient

Heat pumps are much more energy efficient than conventional furnaces and air conditioners. You can save up to 30% on your monthly energy bills. You are using heat that is in the air, and air is free. The electricity it takes to operate the unit is much less expensive than the cost of fuel to other benefits the mini splits systems can be installed in any room. This saves the costly expense of adding duct work to the attic, crawl space or in some cases it would mean tearing out walls to add duct work. This allows you to heat the area without duct work. A one or two head unit can be installed in one day, with very little mess or inconvenience to you the homeowner.

You can heat with multi zones. This allows you to only heat or cool the rooms you use, not the entire house. Again, this saves you money. It also allows you to control your comfort level. You may want the living areas warmer and cooler in the bedrooms. One outside condenser can operate multiple indoor heads. They are whisper quiet. You can cool your home without the loud noise of the window units. The motor is so quiet; you will forget it is on. Your home stays a steady temperature.

Will they work in northern Michigan?

Yes, they will work in northern Michigan’s colder temperatures. They are designed to work in temperatures below freezing. However, it is necessary you have another primary heat source for those cold bitter days.

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