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So would a boiler work for you? A boiler uses water to distribute the heat throughout your home whereas a furnace uses air to distribute the heat throughout your home. A hot water baseboard system is similar to radiant heat. This system uses hot water heated by a boiler to heat a space by a combination of radiation and convection. The hot water is heated by a boiler and piped to fin-tube baseboard units mounted along the walls of your home. The boiler can be fueled by natural gas or propane.
Some advantages of the boiler system are: When it comes to heating your home, it is very important to choose a dependable boiler that will give you optimum fuel savings, energy efficiency and better fuel economy are definite factors boilers provide. Since you are not blowing air throughout the house with a fan, the boiler system is much quieter than a forced air furnace. A hydronic system provides a steady heat with good temperature consistency and close temperature control. A hydronic heating system will not blow dust and allergens throughout your home or dry out the air like a forced air heating system. It tends to be a much cleaner heating system.
Some disadvantages are: The hot water circulates throughout your home through baseboard mounted along walls of your home. The baseboard must remain unobstructed and can provide challenges in furniture placement and drapery design. Slow temperature increase can also be regarded as a disadvantage for some homeowners. You can not walk to the thermostat, turn up temperature and get warm air blowing out of a register. A boiler system is a slow and steady method of heating. With a boiler system, air conditioning requires a separate ductwork distribution and cooling system or possibly a ductless heating system. Each is an additional cost. To maintain your heating system’s efficiency and ensure healthy indoor air quality, it’s critical to maintain the operational efficiency of your unit. Annual maintenance of your boiler system is a priority. Proper maintenance extends the life of your boiler and saves you money.
So now that you have more information do you think a boiler will work for you? It will depend on your needs and requirements and it will depend on your budget. You and our comfort advisor can make that decision together with a technical assistant. By making a “Wise” and informed decision you may realize a boiler is the most efficient heating system of all for you.
The owner of Wise Heating & Cooling Inc. has been installing boiler systems for forty and more years. When you choose Wise Heating & Cooling Inc. to install your boiler system, you will surround you and your family with heating comfort. Wise Heating & Cooling Inc. is State of Michigan licensed and fully insured. You can rest assured when you system is inspected by a Mechanical Inspector that it will be approved and safe.
Wise Heating & Cooling is a factory authorized Slant/Fin Hydro-Master dealer. Hydro-Master is a certification issued to Slant/Fin dealers whose technicians are tested and prove themselves knowledgeable on experience and application. Education + Experience allows Wise Heating & Cooling Inc. to help you, the user, make informed decisions.
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