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It’s 9:00 o’clock on a Friday night on the first hot week-end of summer. You’ve been gone all day and it’s been 90 degrees and the humidity is way off the charts. You’re hot and tired. All you can think about all the way home is relaxing in the comfort of your nice cool home, enjoying the benefits of central air conditioning. You have been anticipating this moment all day…………

Pop!!!!!! Sorry to burst your bubble, but your central air is out of order—not working—your house is like an oven. Now what?

Quick, grab the phone book or go on-line and find a heating & cooling company that can come out and do your air conditioning repair. While you sit there perspiring and frantically looking, the thoughts run through your mind, can it be fixed? I wonder if I can find any company that will answer the phone late at night on a week-end? Will someone come out or will I have to wait until next week? Now what do I do?

Don’t worry. At Wise Heating & Cooling Inc. We are happy to respond to your call for air conditioning repair.

We offer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even on week-ends and holidays. After hours, we have an answering service to provide you with a real person to talk to, not an answering machine. They will take your information and forward it to a trained technician that will make arrangements to help you. Since we service all of Northern Michigan, you know help is on the way.

Shortly, our knowledgeable, friendly technician arrives in our clearly marked truck, wearing company logo uniform and identifies himself as an employee of Wise Heating & Cooling Inc. Since we have a zero tolerance to alcohol, the technician on call will arrive ready to work.

You wonder if your air conditioning can be repaired? It is an older unit.

Quite often we are able to repair them. We work on all major makes and models. We carry an assortment of parts on the truck to assist in the repair job. The technician will give you helpful information that might help extend the life of your unit.

If your central air conditioning system can not be repaired or the cost of the repairs exceeds the cost of replacing, our technicians are knowledgeable in pricing out new equipment. They will be happy to give you an estimate on replacement. They will give you recommendations on what might be the best choice for your home. We offer financing that is available for the purchase of new equipment. We can provide a plan that best fits your needs.

Service calls can be paid in cash, check or credit card.

We recommend yearly maintenance and cleaning to extend the life of your central air conditioning system. This will help reduce the need for service calls for air conditioning repair and the unit will run more efficiently, thus saving you money on your monthly utility bills.

You watch the tail lights on the “Wise” truck leave your drive way. Your home is already starting to cool down. You can feel yourself starting to relax. This week-end has been salvaged after all!!!

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